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Website Design & Development


This TOS extends the General Terms & Conditions under the Master Agreement

Computer solutions develops websites, web based applications, e-commerce websites, B2B portals, other kinds of portals, and web based ERP system for its customers. All websites that we develop are required to be hosted on our server only, as our server is equipped with all necessary backend applications that seamlessly support and integrate with the website applications that we develop.

Such a website/portal/software system will be hosted on our special server especially setup to host only websites and web applications developed by us. The server is well equipped with necessary software and hardware to provide a robust and secure platform for hosting customer website and email accounts. Software running on our server are tightly integrated with the website application to provide a secure and efficient environment.

The customer will not have access to the website codes which is our proprietary and copyright material. You will not require this access anyway as all pages will be editable by you through backend WYSIWYG type user-friendly editor interface. Where pages are not editable, Computer solutions will provide the desired service, at a reasonable price, to update such pages and/or create additional applications as may be required by the customer from time-to-time.

A reasonable annual recurring fees will be charged for domain, hosting and maintenance of such websites. When the customer stops paying the annual recurring fees, the website is terminated. Shifting of such websites to another server will not be possible. Computer solutions does not release to the customer, the codes/programs used to develop such websites.