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Search Engine Friendliness

Your Ecommerce website is Search Engine Friendly

Our unique page delivery architecture is such that all you require to do is simply build your product categories and sub-categories and define your products under each. You do not have to worry about writing meta tags or wording your product specifications for search engines. Simply focus on product names and wording your specifications to make them customer friendly. Our system will take care of making the delivered pages search engine friendly.

Several mechanisms are in place to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. Some of these are auto-created unique title and meta-tags for every page, search engine friendly page layout, keyword rich clean URL string generation, etc. We also have several of our internal and innovative methods in place to make your ecommerce website search engine friendly.

For each static information page that you create, BusinessAhead provides you with fields to create a URL mask and type the meta-tag information, viz. meta title, description and keywords.