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Maintain close contact with customers and build customer relationship

The CRM system provides you with the following facilities:

Manage Greetings

Customers signing up at your website are provided a facility in their control panel to fill in their personal and family particulars. This information is particularly useful in establishing a closer relationship with your customers. BusinessAhead provides you with the necessary tools to enable you to setup and send auto emails to your customers wishing them on their birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

If you have enabled greetings, BusinessAhead will periodically look for all those Customers who have not completed their Personal Profile and send them a polite reminder periodically requesting them to complete their personal profile. The customer will be provided with a link in the reminder email to either update their personal profile or express their unwillingness to provide personal information.

If the customer explicitly opts not to provide their personal information, the system will disable Auto Reminder for the customer and that customer will not be bothered any more.

Mass Mailer

The mass mailer allows you to compose a message and send it to a list of recipients as per a pre-defined recipient list. You also have the option to Save the mail as a Draft for sending later. A Sent box stores a copy of all such mass emails for future reference.

A Recipient List setup wizard allows you to prepare and store various lists of recipients for sending mass email. The recipients in a list would be a group of Customers or Vendors or Employees who match the defined filter criteria. These lists are dynamic lists. Hence, when new entities such as new customers, new vendors or new employees are added, the list automatically includes them if they match the corresponding filter criteria. Once you have prepared a list you can use it multiple times, without the need to again go through the tedious process of filter setup.

Task Manager

The task manager allows you to record tasks and appointments with your customers and other agencies. You can also setup recurring tasks such as tasks occurring daily, tasks to be done on every week day, tasks to be done on mondays and fridays of every week, and so on. The system will remind you when the task is due. This helps each of your employees to organize themselves more efficiently and serve customers timely, keeping the customers happy.