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Customer Management

Create and manage customer records

The Customer Management sub-system allows you to create a new customer and record various relevant information about the customer. On creation of a Customer, BusinessAhead automatically creates the Accounts Receivable ledger associated with the customer, in which transactions related to the customer are recorded. By default, BusinessAhead will use the global Accounts Receivable Customer Account. However, during customer creation, you have the option to specify if you wish to create an independent account ledger for the customer.

At you eCommerce website, customers will be able to sign up securely through 256 bit SSL*. To drive out fraudsters, when a customer signs up, he is sent an email for verification. The customer clicks at a link in the email to verify that his email address is genuine and then only his account is activated. This reduces your risk of loss due to fraud registrations and subsequently reduces loss due to chargebacks on account of fraud orders and credit card transactions.

* The SSL based secure sign up is available in our higher eCommerce plans. For other plans normal sign up without SSL is provided.

Salient features of the Customer management system

  • View all registered customers. Various filter options to reach a customer's record quickly.
  • Edit customer record.
  • Activate accounts of customers who fail to receive the activation email and inform you about the same.
  • Add customers offline and activate their account.
  • View customer orders and transaction records
  • Update order status after receipt of payment and after shipping of goods.
  • Send Email to specific customer, a customer group or all customers.

Customer Information maintained

BusinessAhead maintains the following records of each customer:

  • Basic Profile
  • Contact Information - Here you maintain all contact information of a customer, viz. billing contact, shipping contact, contact for general communication, etc.
  • Business Terms - Here you can assign the customer a level and define other business related terms such as payment terms, credit limit, additional price discount, finance charges terms and customer tax class.
  • AR Accounts Ledger - You can assign a dedicated accounts Ledger to each customer. The assigned customer account will be debited when goods or services are delivered to customer and credited when payment is received from customer. If you do not assign any specific account ledger for a Customer, BusinessAhead will use the POS clearing account for recording all transactions related to the customer. This gives you flexibility to create dedicated accounts only for important customers, especially, if you have several hundred customers, it would be quite unwieldy to maintain independent account ledger for each in your chart of accounts. Yet, you will always be able to fish out ledger transactions of each customer separately.
  • Legal Details - Here you maintain all statutory and legal information pertaining to the customer. This may be useful whenever you need to quickly access your customer's information such as Income Tax PAN No., Sales Tax Registration No., etc.
  • Customer Personal Profile - Here you maintain the personal particulars of your customer. Customers signing up at your website are provided a facility in their control panel to fill in their personal and family particulars. This information is particularly useful in establishing a closer relationship with your customers. BusinessAhead provides you with the necessary tools to enable you to setup and send auto emails to your customers wishing them on their birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.
  • Access Login - Here you maintain the login id and password for your customer. The eCommerce system provides login access to your customers at your website. Each customer is given his own control panel to which the customer can login with the login id and password. The login id and password is automatically assigned to the customer when he signs up at your website. You also have the option to issue the same, when you directly create a customer from the backend admin.
  • Customer Documents - Here you maintain all documents pertaining to your customer for quick reference. This window allows you to upload document files pertaining to the customer. All relevant documents pertaining to the customer that you would like to keep at one place for quick and easy reference, can be attached with the customer. These documents could be available to you in any format, viz. MS-Word, MS-Excel, pdf, jpg image, etc. You can attach unlimited number of documents to every customer. Storing files on the server enables easy and quick access.

Customer Type Setup

BusinessAhead allows you to classify customers into various categories, depending upon the type of organization they represent or whether they are your direct customers, dealers, distributors or resellers. Irrespective of category, all are treated as customers. You can setup a list of customer categories applicable for your company. Examples: Direct Customer, Distributor, Dealer, Reseller, Agent, etc.; or Individual, Company, Institution, Government, Non-Profit Organization, etc.

Customer Levels

You can also define various Customer Levels depending upon the importance of each Customer and volume of sales achieved from customers. Each customer can be assigned a level. Each level will have a discount (in %tage) associated with it. The discount will apply on all item prices for a customer as per his level. By default all customers registered will automatically be assigned a default level. Subsequently you can alter the level of each customer from the backend.

You may also provide access to special pages of your website to customers based upon their level.

Customer Status

You can setup a list of Customer Status that will be applicable for your company's customers.


  • Active - Regular Customer with whom transactions can be allowed.
  • Inactive - Not a Customer any more.
  • Suspended - Dealings with this Customer is temporarily blocked.
  • Blacklisted - Dealings with this Customer is blocked permanently.

Customer facilities at eCommerce website

Each customer is provided a control panel to manage and maintain his own records. The following facilities are provided to each customer of yours.

  • Secure Customer Login through SSL.
  • Edit Customer Registration details.
  • Edit Contact Information. Four types of contact information maintained, viz. Main contact, Technical contact, Shipping contact & Billing contact.
  • Change Password
  • Recover lost password. Passwords are stored in the database in encrypted form for added security.
  • View Transaction/Order history
  • View all unpaid transactions and complete the payment
  • Add adhoc fund to customer's debit account maintained by the ecommerce system. The customer will be able to draw from this debit account balance to make payment for future purchases. Refunds to customer can also be done by crediting to the customers debit account.
  • View Shopping Cart contents