Website reports and statistics

Setup list of Referrers/Promotion types

The Signup form at your website seeks information from the registrant - How they came to know about your website. This is a useful information for you to focus on effective promotion strategies for your website. This report will provide you information as shown below:

Referrer/Promo DescriptionSignupsCustomersEnquiries
Directly accessed yourwebsite.com34612323
Email Invitation from Your Company21411235
Referred by a friend, associate or customer1959515
Approached by Sales Representative321
Search Engine - Google127724543
Search Engine - MSN1690
Search Engine - Yahoo34212
Search Engine - Other2263
Through a link AD in another Website391910
Advertisement in News Paper631
Advertisement on TV945

Detailed Website Stats using AwStats

Full website statistics and analysis is available to enable you to study your website traffic and device effective promotion strategies.