Website Design

While we build the initial website for you, the various website content pages and product catalogue pages can be further built and edited by you. The system facilitates creation of new links and associated pages with ease and organize them under multiple pull-down menus, giving you the flexibility to display your products and services in the manner you like.

Home Page

An elegant home page is designed for your eCommerce website. Each home page designed by us is unique and is branded in line with your company logo and other branding parameters such as color, font style, etc. The inner page template is designed in coherence with the look and feel of the home page. All dynamically generated pages also have matching look and feel.

Visual Presentation

Your products and services are presented in an elegant fashion maintaining the right balance between self-acclaim and modesty. The color schemes used are pleasing and in line with your corporate branding. The font size and styles are formal and easy to read. Your website will depict a mature image of your organization.


Due importance is given to ease of navigation. Important product links are organized in the main menu bar. Products are organized in a hierarchical arrangement of categories and sub-categories and are displayed in the main menu bar in menus and sub-menus. Less important links are placed in top most links bar and in bottom links bar. The navigation links are device friendly - they adapt according to the device used to access your website, be it a smart phone or a standard desktop computer.

Further, intelligent search facility is provided to enable your website visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

Convenient Shopping Experience

The entire ordering process from shopping cart >> checkout >> payment is easy to understand and convenient to use, giving your buyers a happy and satisfying buying experience. Each customer of yours is also provided with a friendly control panel where the customer can view all his transactions and also maintain his contact information.