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Product Display

Organization & display of product catalogue

BusinessAhead provides 3 ways of adding your products to your eCommerce storefront. This gives you sufficient flexibility to display your products in the manner you may like.

  1. Autobuild

    You can setup your storefront to auto-build your product pages. Once you have set up your product pages in AutoBuild mode, all you need to do is simply add your products/items of sale in the backend admin and mark them as Enabled for display at website. BusinessAhead will automatically create all your product pages, well organized under product categories and sub-categories.

  2. Build using Shop page editor

    You can also build each product page individually using our shop page editor. Here, you create a shop page using our backend CMS and on the page you simply specify the list of items to be displayed. The products will be displayed with all its specification, images, price and order button.

  3. Manually build each product page

    If you want full flexibility in individually customizing each product page, BusinessAhead allows you to do that as well. Create a fully customized page manually using our website CMS's static page editor and insert the price and order button widgets on the page to display its dynamically updated price and order link.

Salient features

  • Create unlimited product categories/sub-categories in a tree-hierarchy.
  • Create any number of products under each category or sub-category.
  • Tag select products as specials with tags such as - New Arrivals, Best Selling, Special Offers, etc.
  • Sell products with multiple product options and attributes. (example1 | example2)
  • Sell kits
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell (cross sell example | upsell example)
  • A product can be reached either by navigating through its categories and sub-categories or by directly searching for it.