SEO & Promotion

Website promotion and Search engine optimization


The web pages generated by our ecommerce system are clean and clearly separate out content from associated javascript and css codes, making the pages very search engine friendly. Further, the page architecture is designed keeping search engines in mind so as to give your website pages better rank with search engines. Even though the website pages are application and database driven, superior caching technology is implemented to ensure faster page downloads.

All auto-generated urls are keyword rich and highly search engine friendly. Even for manually created pages, you can provide masked urls which are rich in keywords. Search engine friendly meta tags for title, keywords and description are auto-generated for all product pages. For manually created pages, fields are provided to enable you to edit the meta tags.

Your ecommerce website will be submitted to popular search engines.

One way inward link will be provided from 5 popular portals managed by us to further improve your search engine rank.

An AD, linking to your website, will be provided in one of our popular portals to further increase visibility of your ecommerce website.

Sitemap Generator

The sitemap page is automatically generated based on static links and product categories/sub-categories added by you from the backend admin. Thus the sitemap is always kept updated, an essential point for SEO. An XML sitemap is also auto-generated for SEO purposes.

Detailed Website Statistics

We provide very detailed website statistics using AWstats. You will get daily reports of number of unique visitors, number of hits, monthly summaries both in tabular and graphical form, page wise hit report, country wise access report, search engine wise, keyword wise and key phrase wise reports. Plus many other types of reports will be generated that will enable you to analyze the traffic on your website and decide upon your SEO & promotion strategy.