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Hosting server and technology deployment

Web Hosting Server

All ecommerce websites are deployed as hosted service. This means that we take care of all technicalities associated with hosting a complex ecommerce system leaving you mentally free to focus only on operating your business. Your eCommerce website will be hosted in one of our special servers especially setup to host BusinessAhead systems. Our servers are well equipped with necessary software and hardware to provide a robust and secure platform for hosting your ecommerce website system. The core software running on our server are tightly integrated with the eCommerce application to provide a secure and efficient environment.

The disk space for storing your website data is deployed on twin hard disks connected in RAID arrangement for simultaneous backup. So, essentially two copies of data are maintained all the time. In the eventuality of a hard disk failure, you do not lose any data. Also, there is no interruption in service and your website continues to operate as if nothing happened, while we hot swap the failed hard disk with a new one.

If you wish to have your ecommerce website run on https, viz. SSL, we take care of providing the dedicated IP and SSL certificate and also take care of installing it on your account, without you being bothered about the technicalities involved.


Our servers that run the ecommerce system are equipped with operating system, web server, ftp server, database server, PHP Server, Anti-virus and Firewall protection software and all other necessary backend software that are required to run the website system in a robust and secure environment. The core programs of the website system are tightly integrated with inbuilt security system on the server so as to provide a secure platform.

You will not have access to the website codes which is our proprietary and copyright material. You will not require this access anyway as all pages will be editable by you through user-friendly backend interface. Shifting of website to another third-party server will not be possible.

Users & Administrators

Any one accessing the ecommerce system either as an end user (website visitor) or as an administrator need only a standard computer having any standard web browser and connected to the internet. It would be nice if the system administrators are connected through a reasonably high speed connection.

Visitors can view and access the entire website using standard web browser, viz. IE, Firefox and Netscape.

Why go for a hosted eCommerce solution?

A hosted solution ensures quick implementation and turn around, inclusive security, 24x7 monitoring, no investment in infrastructure, full and continued support, regular automatic and free software upgrades, a maintenance free environment, easy data management accessible from anywhere in the world and a generally more robust system.

A hosted solution is ideally suited for most entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses that do not wish to invest in their own IT infrastructure. Choosing to run your business online using a hosted e-commerce service would prove to be far cheaper, easier and a less risky proposition.

A hosted solution keeps abreast with new developments in technology and business processes and improves and upgrades with time. It moves along with you as your business grows. You do not have to make any initial capital investment for setting up your online business. You pay for your e-commerce website from your operating expense account, thereby have zero liability on this front.

Also, consider the amount of time and money you would have to invest in maintaining and upgrading your own ecommerce solution. If you buy an exclusively licensed e-commerce software, time and again you will need to pay your vendor for upgrades.