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Launch your online business. Sell up to 5000 products. Collect payment via multiple online and offline payment methods.

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Salient features of e-commerce website developed by us

Extend the reach of your sales office to the web world with our extensively automated e-commerce website. Sell your products/services from your website and reach out to a large customer base.
  • Customer friendly e-commerce website with your products well organized with product features, images, price, taxes, etc.
  • Easy, yet comprehensive Customer Sign-up
  • Customer-friendly shopping cart interface to enable customers to buy one or more items at a time with ease. Our shopping cart is easy to manage and provides a convenient shopping experience for your customers.
  • Easy checkout with multiple payment options and payment gateway for accepting payments via credit card, debit card and net-banking. Accept payment from customers worldwide.
  • Customer control panel to enable customers to manage personal information, keep track of all their transactions, store shopping cart for checkout at a later date.
  • Easily manageable through secure multi-user admin control panel. Manage your catalogue of products and services from a user-friendly secure control panel. Manage product information, product images, define pricing, tax, freight, discount, etc. with ease.
  • Manage and keep track of customer registration, orders and transactions. Manage incomplete orders, handle returns, view customer buying interests, etc.
  • Integrated backend accounting system with auto-propagation of transactions to accounts.

And above all - No Worries .... we maintain your e-commerce website for you.

Our comprehensive and fully-functional e-Commerce website solution will help you succeed in establishing your online business. Achieving success in an online business requires more than just a Shopping Cart - Checkout - Payment Gateway software. The primary aspects of any business involve Merchandise, Marketing, Sales, Service and Accounting. Your online business, essentially an e-commerce website, should take care of these aspects of business pretty well. An online business is equally extensive as an offline business and does involve all business functions fully. Hence the software system that drives your online business should be capable of taking care of the various business functions in an integrated fashion.

Business Ahead provides a complete and cost-effective business-oriented e-commerce website solution. It is designed with a focus on your business and will equip you with all essential features needed to conduct an online business successfully and efficiently with minimum manpower and financial resources. We give you all of the basic features you need, to operate a successful online business. We provide an integrated back end business management system that enables you to manage your entire business - both online and offline at one place. All essential modules such as sales, purchase (included in higher plans), product management, warehouse, inventory, accounts, CRM & rudimentary HR, are included.

People often misunderstand what an e-Business is all about and under-estimate the potentials of an online business. It must be understood, that just like you invest substantial sums of money in starting and establishing your offline business, like wise you need to invest a decent sum of money in launching and establishing your online business. Please bear in mind that an online business can give you a far more wider market reach than your offline business and can fetch you significant increase in your sales volume. Therefore, there should be no compromise on the e-commerce website solution that you decide to deploy.

The eCommerce website solution is an important product from the Business Ahead suite.

The Business Ahead suite contains a core engine on which various kinds of websites are built. The core engine contains multiple components that provide the various business functionalities required to drive and manage an e-Commerce website. It implements all business functions that are well integrated with each other to incorporate efficient business processes required to operate your online as well as offline business within the same system. Each client has an independent database. The architecture provide a framework to integrate each client's own specific applications, thereby allowing us to incorporate your own specific business processes that give you an edge over your competitors.

The entire system is designed and developed by a team of experienced engineers and developers and has been thoroughly tested and perfected over several months of prototype runs and in-depth component testing. Most of the core components have been running on real online systems for several years now and hence have been time-tested. It may be noted that our own business has been running on Business Ahead eCommerce since last more than 10 years.

Responsive Ecommerce Website

Website is Mobile & Tablet friendly and compatible across multiple devices, viz. Desktops & Laptops of different screen resolution, Smartphones and Tablets.

Our website architecture is based on a responsive design making use of HTML5 and CSS3. The architecture ensures that your website is rendered according to the user device. Thus your website will automatically adapt to provide the best display in mobile and tablet devices as well.

Multiple Templates
Multiple Design Templates

The Initial website is designed by us and few of your products are added by us so as to get you started conveniently. The Website Design Template Manager allows you to instantly change your website design and modify color schemes to suit your tastes and branding.

Max. Products

Total Number of Products you can sell.

Products added by us
Initial No. of products added by us

We will setup your website and add the first few products so as to make it easy for you to get started. The number of products we will add is as mentioned against each plan.

Domain Registration & Subsequent Renewals

If domain is included in your plan, we bear the charges for initial domain registration & subsequent renewals. If your domain is already registered with another provider, we will assist in transferring the domain to us. Transfer charges are free, if domain is included in plan.

Optional Extra
Hosting & Email
Hosting & Email

Your E-commerce website is hosted on our special server especially setup to host only websites developed by us. The server is well equipped with necessary software and hardware to provide a robust and secure platform for your website. Software running on our server are tightly integrated with the website application to provide a secure and efficient environment.

Upgrade/Downgrade Options

Our Ecommerce system is built over a scalable architecture. Thus allowing for convenient upgrade/downgrade options. You will be able to instantly upgrade/downgrade to various hosting options within a specific plan. However, when you switch plan and the upgrade/downgrade requires a change in hosting server, a direct upgrade/downgrade may not be possible. These are situations when you switch from a small size hosting option to a very large disk space hosting option; or when you switch from shared hosting to semi-dedicated or dedicated; or when you switch from shared hosting to cloud hosting.

When an upgrade requires a server switch, we will take care of the complete server migration. However, when a downgrade requires a server switch, you may have to bear nominal charges for server migration.

Smart Site SearchYes
Define Regular ItemsYes
Define Item MatrixYes
Define KitsYes
Renewal Type ItemsYes
Cross SellYes
Up SellYes
Discounts & PromosYes
Coupon DiscountsYes
Banner ManagerYes
Text Editor

Rich Text & HTML Page Editors. Our rich text editor provides a WYSIWYG interface to enable you to write your text, insert images & tables, and format content with ease.

Catalogue BuilderYes
Photo Gallery
Gets your customers more closely connected to you & your organization

Our photo gallery builder helps you achieve this. A photo gallery is very useful as it gives you an opportunity to connect more effectively with your prospective customers and establish credibility by actually letting them see your brick-and-mortar business. You can display photos of your offices and work force, show your manufacturing facilities, research & testing facilities, etc. You can also periodically post photos of various events organized by your company such as road shows, product launches, seminars, etc. All this helps establish a connect and build the initial trust, giving the visitors the comfort that they are dealing with a company that indeed exists in a proper form.

Forms Builder

Our intuitive forms module allow you to create custom forms. Visitors can submit the form online and you will receive the same via email. This can be used for receiving business enquiries, feedback and support requests. Your Catalog pages are also linked to an enquiry form, allowing prospective customers to directly send enquiry from a catalog page about the product they are currently viewing.

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board Page Builder

Bulletin Board/ Dated Post Lists Page Builder allows you to post notices, announcements, new product launches, ongoing schemes, etc. in a chronological order.

Event Results
Event Results Page Builder & Manager

The Event Results Page Builder is an interactive page that allows you to post results of events such as Candidate Interviews, Entrance/Admission test results, etc. Candidates can interactively check their own results by providing their unique id such as registration number, roll no., etc.


Interactive Client Feedback & Testimonial Manager

Image ManagerYes
File ManagerYes

Favicon is the small iconized image that you see before your website URL in the browser address bar. You can create your own icon file (a file with a .ico extension) that is in line with your branding/logo.

Search Engine Optimized
Search Engine Auto Optimized

Your website is auto-optimized for search engines. The website architecture is such that you do not have to worry about the technicalities of SEO. Just concentrate on building your content, and the system takes care of SEO.

Meta Tags
Meta Tags Management

You can edit your meta tags for page title, page description and keywords, providing the search engines with accurate inputs about each of your website pages.

SEO Links & Folders
Keyword Rich Link & Folder Masking

All page links are generated with SEO in perspective. Folders are masked with keyword rich names to further enhance the SEO of your pages.

Social Links
Links to Social networking website pages

You can display links to your social networking website pages such as - Facebook, Google Plus, Linked-In, Twitter and YouTube. These links will be displayed as iconized links at suitable place on your website.

Facebook Plugin
Facebook Plugin Integration

You can embed any of the facebook plugins on the footer section of all pages of your website. Popular plugins that can be embedded are - Send Button, Comments, Like Button.

Twitter Timeline
Twitter Timeline Integration

You can embed your twitter timeline on your website.

Social Sites Share
Share Buttons for Social Sites

You can easily embed Social Sites sharing buttons from AddThis, AddToAny, or others. These buttons show up at a prominent location on every page of your website, allowing site visitors to share a page link on their own social site page/wall.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Integration

Suitable interfaces are provided to allow you to embed the Google Site Verification Code & Analytics Tracker Id that enable you to monitor your website at Google Analytics.

Site Statistics
Provides detailed analysis of website visitors

We provide very detailed website statistics using AWstats, the best statistics software for website analysis. You can view daily reports of number of unique visitors, number of hits, monthly summaries both in tabular and graphical form, page wise hit report, country wise access report, search engine wise, keyword wise and key phrase wise reports. Plus many other types of reports will be generated that will enable you to analyze the traffic on your website and decide upon your promotion strategy.

Sitemap for website visitors

A sitemap is an important page and works as a website navigation aid. It helps visitors to quickly find the links that they are interested in.

The sitemap is auto-generated as per prevailing standards.

XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap for search engines

Apart from the Sitemap an XML Sitemap is also auto-generated. This is scanned by search engines when they crawl your website. It helps search engines to index your pages correctly.


Payment Gateway charges

Cost of buying Payment Gateway service from third party payment gateway service provider is not included in the plan price. You can buy the payment gateway directly from your choice payment gateway service provider and give us the access id and password during the development stage to carry out integration and testing, after which you can change the password. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate payment gateway service provider who provides for API integration so that our programs can talk to the gateway programs.

For Indian ecommerce website we recommend CcAvenue as the payment gateway service provider. We will assist you in procuring the payment gateway merchant account from CcAvenue. Details of their merchant account and charges can be seen at their website

Why run your online business on our eCommerce website system?

There are several reasons why you should choose our solution. While we will attempt to summarize them in this page, to better appreciate the benefits of our system we would request you to spend some time to review the product tour and features sections.

You are putting your trust in able hands

The BusinessAhead team comprises of people who are not just software developers. Most of us have spent considerable years working in business and industry and have hands-on experience of various business functions such as sales, purchase, marketing, manufacturing, consulting, project management and accounting. We have deeper knowledge of various business functions and hence are able to contribute effectively in building a practical business software system.

This does not mean that we know everything. We are eager to learn from our clients, who are more experienced than us in their own respective businesses, and we constantly strive to improve and upgrade our e-commerce system so that it delivers tangible benefits to you. We understand very well that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients. Hence we are receptive to your suggestions and feedback. Our industry experience and knowledge of business processes enables us to quickly assimilate your business strategies and priorities and align our eCommerce system accordingly so as to give you a definite competitive advantage with improved and efficient ways of working. In fact, we are thankful to our clients who have helped us build a robust system.

Integrated business functions

The BusinessAhead eCommerce is not just a shopping cart - payment gateway software. It is much more than that. It is a comprehensive business management system that integrates both your online & offline businesses into one system and takes care of essential business functions viz. sales, marketing, customer management, product management, inventory, warehouse, and accounting. All functions are well integrated and all transactions are auto-posted to accounts.

The high degree of automation and convenience of use enables you to handle higher sales volume without increasing your manpower. The reduced manpower cost and hence the reduced cost of operation, gives you a competitive advantage and help reap higher profits. The integrated business functions also help you service your customers effectively and efficiently.

Scalable architecture and always improving

Our eCommerce system is flexible, scalable and has all in-built features that are required for business growth. There is one core engine that drives all eCommerce websites that we build. This enables us to focus on making our core systems better and better with time. We are continuously working to improve upon existing modules and also incorporate newer functionalities and features so as to provide you with upgrades from time to time.

We are receptive to specific requirements of specific types of businesses and are flexible to adapt and enhance our core systems so as to accommodate specific implementations as you may suggest. We are also constantly innovating to keep our ecommerce system updated with the time and to ensure that our clients get the best solution at affordable investment which is always improving. New features are added with time to provide newer facilities for effective management of online business.

As your business grows and you feel the need to implement very specific functionalities unique to your business process only, they can be built and integrated at nominal cost. The extra cost is charged only when we implement functionalities that are unique only to you.

Advantage of a fully hosted solution

This is a fully hosted solution. It includes website hosting, hosting of email accounts and backend admin system hosting. The higher plans also include SSL certificate and dedicated IP. We can also provide your choice domain name at a nominal extra cost. The entire system resides on our highly reliable and secure servers. Everything, including hosting setup, system configuration & installation, software trouble-shooting, server monitoring, server maintenance, server security, data protection and backups, are taken care by us.

You are free from the technical nitty-gritty of the technology that drives your online business. Simply focus on operating your core business and we take care of the deployed technology to give you complete peace of mind.

You have nothing to download and Install to access and manage your system. No special software is needed on your computers. The backend admin system is 100% web based and can be accessed from any standard web browser such as IE or Firefox. Admin access is secure and multiple users can work on it simultaneously. The web based implementation gives you the flexibility to administer your website from any location or from multiple locations simultaneously.

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Friendly and personalized help & support

A fully functional business management system may appear quite complicated at the first encounter, and it takes time to get conversant with the entire system. To simplify things, detailed context-specific help is available in the backend admin system to provide you with instant help while you are using the system. Various business functions are explained through flow diagrams. The implementation philosophies are well narrated so that you fully understand how the backend processes and sub-systems work and how they integrate with other functions.

Further, quick personalized support is available via email and telephone. We are a customer-friendly organization and are very particular about our service. Our objective is to ensure that our customers are able to use our systems conveniently and exploit all the functionalities that we provide. To meet this objective we are always available to help and guide you wherever you get stuck or confused, and provide you with clear directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need any special software to run or administer my store using BusinessAhead eCommerce?

No. Our e-commerce system is 100% web-based and can be accessed via any standard web browser such as IE or Firefox. You can login to your backend admin system from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Q. Is BusinessAhead eCommerce SaaS based?

Yes. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Our e-commerce solution is deployed in the SaaS model. It is completely hosted on our specially configured servers. The advantages of SaaS are several. It eliminates the need to install and run the software on the client's own computer, thus alleviating you from the burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support. Using SaaS reduces your up-front cost of buying an exclusively licensed software.

Q. I do not have any experience building websites. Can I still use BusinessAhead eCommerce?

Absolutely! We build your website for you and then pass you the controls to simply edit it. The backend content management system is very user friendly and is backed up by in-context help and our email and phone support. In fact, you only need to maintain a few static pages of information about your company. Your product pages are auto-built. All you require to do is add your products at the backend, set its pricing and other terms, upload product images and you are done.

Q. What are the costs of feature enhancement, i.e. upgrade in software features?

There are two types of upgrades/feature enhancements that may happen:

  1. Features enhanced or added by us from time to time
    Our products are always under a continuous improvement path and time and again we will add new features or enhance existing features. All such additions/enhancements are passed on to all customers absolutely free, irrespective of which plan you are into. Certain new features that are not applicable for lower plans are passed on only to the higher plans. For instance, if we enhance a feature related to the purchase function, the same shall be passed on to customers whose plan include the purchase module.

  2. Specific features requested by you
    If you require a feature addition that is very specific and unique to your business process only, the same shall be implemented at nominal extra cost.

In this section we have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions of a general nature. For queries that may relate to features of our product, kindly visit our product features section. Also check the eCommerce FAQ section for a larger set of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Feel free to write to us should you have a query that remains unanswered.