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Our eCommerce website solution equips you to take your online business ahead of your competitors

Post COVID-19, buying online is the new norm. BusinessAhead® offers a complete eCommerce website system that enables you to create, manage & run your online store conveniently and efficiently. We provide an e-commerce website that presents your products in a professional and elegant manner instilling confidence & trust in your buyers. The backend administration is easy to use and includes all required functions to give you the desired control to run your online business. List your products, customize your store design, accept payment online & offline, and execute orders - all with a few mouse clicks. Our e-commerce system is easy to use. It is 100% web based and there is no software to download or maintain. We equip you with numerous advanced features that are essential for conducting an online business successfully.

BusinessAhead eCommerce is packed with all the features that are required to efficiently operate an online business. We build a unique eCommerce website for you and provide you with a comprehensive backend management system to enable you to conveniently manage your entire online as well as your offline business from one system. Our professional eCommerce system will enable you to establish your online Business with a comprehensive, fully-functional and largely configurable eCommerce website.

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Integrated Business Functions

BusinessAhead eCommerce is not just a shopping cart - payment gateway software. It is much more than that.

It is a robust and comprehensive business management system that integrates both your online & offline businesses into one system and takes care of essential business functions viz. sales, customer management, product & pricing management, inventory, warehouse and accounting.

Highly Scalable Architecture

Our eCommerce system is flexible, scalable and has all in-built features that are required for business growth. As your business grows and you feel the need to implement specific functionalities unique to your business process, it can be built and integrated at nominal cost.

Improvements to the system is a continuous process at our development center. All improvements, enhancements and new additions are automatically deployed for you without any extra charges.

Fully Hosted Solution

We take care of all components of hosting and maintaining your eCommerce system. The package includes domain, website hosting, hosting of the backend admin system, email accounts, SSL certificate & its installation, dedicated I.P., server monitoring & maintenance, software upgrades & enhancements, data protection, backup and security.

You only focus on your core business operation and not worry about the technicalities and day-to-day hassles of the deployed technology.

Ecommerce Design Philosophy

You get your own branded custom built website. Each website designed by us is unique, and is branded in alignment with your company logo, and other branding parameters, such as color and font style.

Your products and services are presented in an elegant fashion, maintaining the right balance between self acclaim and modesty. The color schemes used are pleasing, and in line with your corporate branding. Your website will portray a mature image of your organization.

Due importance is given to ease of navigation. Products are organized in a hierarchical arrangement of categories and sub-categories and are displayed in the main menu bar in menus and sub-menus. Smart search facility is provided making it convenient for buyers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Website Content Management

You are provided a backend website management system that will allow you to configure your website and its home page, and manage the content pages. A very smart, yet simple to use, interface is provided to manage the inner content pages of your website. To enable you to create different types of pages, various types of editor interfaces are provided. These include rich text editor, html editor, bulletin-board, shop page creator, tabular page creator, freight terms page creator, return policy page creator, photo gallery creator, contact form-to-email page creator and lists page creator. Also included are sub-systems to manage blogs & articles, and conduct opinion polls.

You do not need to create any product page for your website. As you add items through the item management interface, the product pages are auto-built. However, you also have the option to custom build each product page using our shop page editor along with several widget tools.

Business Management Systems

Your website will run on a robust, secure and powerful engine that provides ultimate scalability and is equipped with well integrated business processes. A full fledged backend admin system is provided which contains essential functional sub-systems for managing not only your online business, but also your offline business. So, essentially, you can manage your entire business from one system. It will equip you to serve your customers with ease and flexibility and will help you in your business growth. Even the largest online stores can run on our e-commerce engine.

With our eCommerce system you will be able to conduct your online business successfully and efficiently with minimum manpower and financial resources.

Custom-built website

We build a unique website for you and take care of all the initial setup. We will even add some of your products initially so that you are all ready to go.

Online & Offline payment methods

Accept payments via multiple online and offline methods. We will integrate your choice payment gateway.

Fully Hosted solution

Your website is hosted on quality server in one of the best data centers in the world. No worries of uptime, security and data protection. We have industry standard security in place and have deployed means to take care of data backups.

Free Updates

BusinessAhead is constantly updating its software to ensure that your e-commerce system is always up to date with the fast changing technology. All such updates are always rendered free - there are no hidden charges.

Committed Support

You are backed by our technically qualified support team who are committed to ensure that your eCommerce system runs trouble free. We have been in this business since 1997 and have enough experience & competency to ensure that you conduct your online business with complete peace of mind.

Quick start e-commerce website plans

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Item Management

Products & services you sell
  • Create & manage regular items & kits
  • Create & manage items grouped in a matrix of variants such as color, size, etc.
  • Organize items in a hierarchy of categories
  • Define parameters for sales, purchase, freight, tax, etc.
  • Define upgrade & downgrade plans for each item
  • Create item aliases for customer specific variants of same item
  • Cross-sell - associate items similar to each other
  • Up-sell - associate related items such as upsell a power bank with mobile phone
  • Define item wise returns policy
  • Associate accounts ledgers for auto-accounting
  • Manage item reviews by buyers

Pricing & Discounts

Item price, freight, tax, discount, commission
  • Flexibility to set price as a fixed value, or percent mark-up on cost or based on sales total
  • Set tax rules - item wise, category wise, jurisdiction wise
  • Set freight terms, freight components & pricing
  • Set item wise commission for sales reps
  • Set discounts & special pricing
    • Customer specific pricing - by item, by category, by brand
    • Customer levels and level wise pricing
    • Quantity based discounts
    • Promotional pricing schemes such as buy 1, get 1 free, and so on
  • Create discount coupons applying on entire order, specific item, items in a category, or items of a brand

Sales Process

Extensive backend for efficient handling of sales
  • Simplified shopping cart to checkout process at website
  • Process sales orders & delivery
    • Create offline orders - also enquiries & quotes
    • Amend/Cancel orders
    • Quick create repeat or new order from existing order
    • Convert enquiry or quote to order
  • Manage invoices, delivery notes, credit memos, debit memos, advances, deposits-in, deposits-out & money receipts
  • Process returns & customer refunds
  • Set renewal reminders & payment due reminders
  • Several useful sales reports & analytics
  • Auto propagation of all sales transactions to account ledgers

Customer Management

Manage online & offline customers
  • Customer registration process at website
  • Backend customer creation interface
  • Customer login, password recovery, own account control panel
  • Manage customer password & account status from backend - auto generate & send password by email
  • Create dedicated accounting ledgers for specific high value customers
  • Set business terms such as payment terms, tax class, credit limit, customer level
  • Create multiple billing & shipping addresses
  • Manage customer wise orders and transactions, with smart search filters
  • Manage TDS deductions by customers
  • Create level wise sales reps & process commission payout

Accounting System

Fully integrated accounting system
  • Sales transactions auto propagated to account books
  • Create COA, default accounts & control accounts
  • Define multiple payment and receipt methods, including cash on delivery
  • Conduct business in multiple currency, manage exchange rates
  • Manual voucher entry interface for other business expenses
  • View books of accounts, day book, ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • View customer wise outstanding & credit ageing
  • Trial balance, consolidated ledger balance, cash flow statement
  • Close books with a button click and auto generate balance sheet & PL statement - asset depreciation & forex gain/loss auto computed

Inventory & Warehouse

Manage inventory in multiple warehouses
  • Create multiple warehouses
  • Define stock areas & bins in each warehouse
  • Map tax jurisdiction with warehouse location
  • Monitor stock levels
  • Manage item wise inventory, facility for stock transfer
  • Manage inventory of all types of items - serialized, unserialized items, by lot or batch number
  • Facility to show item wise stock status at website
  • Auto accounting of stocks. Stock value auto propagates to accounting ledgers on conducting various stock related entries such as - stock addition, stock transfer, inventory adjustment, write-off, etc.

Website CMS

Comprehensive website content management
  • Full control of website content and product display
  • Organize products under multi-level categories and sub-categories
  • Ease of navigation & smart product search
  • Multiple ways to display products - auto build, manually build
  • Create password protected pages viewable only by logged customers
  • Bulletin board to announce new releases and schemes
  • Automatic SEO implementation
  • Sitemap generator
  • Detailed Website Statistics

Purchase Management

Carry out all purchase functions
  • Raise internal PR & backorders. Release purchase enquiries
  • Evaluate vendor quotes & release purchase orders
  • Process advance payments, vendor deposits, credit memos, debit memos
  • Handle inspection of received supplies & prepare Inspection Note. Process return of rejected items
  • Prepare GRN for accepted supplies and take goods in stock.
  • Verify vendor invoice after receipt of goods/services and approve invoice for payment
  • Make vendor payment, after adjusting advances
  • Auto propagation of all transactions to accounts

Vendor Management

Extensive vendor management facility
  • Maintain database of all your vendors
  • Record vendor profile and contact information
  • Record business terms and legal information of vendors
  • Attach vendor documents
  • Organize vendors under multiple categories such as manufacturers, dealers, distributors, resellers or agents
  • Facility to suspend dealings with a vendor or blacklist
  • Manage vendor outstandings & credit ageing
  • Manage vendor TDS deductions