ERP for Business

. . . manage your business operations through custom built ERP system

We have the expertise to design, develop, deploy and maintain a full fledged multi user web application to enable you operate and manage your business efficiently and reduce your costs.

We build your erp system incorporating your specific business processes, that you would have developed over a period of time and which would be giving you advantage over your competitors. We have time tested core modules on which we build customer specific modules. Deployment can be done either on a dedicated server or amazon cloud depending upon the number of users and load on the system. We do accurate load estimation to ensure that adequate server resources are provisioned to deploy your erp system and also ensure that it is not overdone, so as to keep your running costs optimized.

Modules include...
Accounting system
HR & Payroll
Sales management
Marketing & CRM system
Purchase system
Item management
Inventory & warehouse management
Operations management
Equipment & other asset maintenance management
Integrated website

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