Golf Club Management System

. . . for Golf Clubs that operate one or more golf courses

Are You operating a Golf Club with hundreds of registered members, and . . .
  • Finding it hard to keep track of member scorecards & their handicaps.
  • Using manual methods to manage your golf tournaments - registration entries, draws, score cards, and results.
  • Spending hours in arriving at tournament results & still worried about accuracy.
  • Booking tee time using offline methods such as phone calls and physical booking register.

Our Golf Club management system addresses the above concerns and provides a fully automated system making it easy for you to manage day-to-day activities of your golf club.

It also includes a fully integrated responsive web app which can be accessed from any device - smart phone, i-pad, laptop or desktop, and installed on any smart-phone running on iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, or Linux.

How our Golf Club management system helps?

The important activities of any golf club are - booking tee time, recording daily scorecards, computing handicaps & organizing tournaments. Our Golf Club Management System is a multi-user software system that allows involved entities such as course administrator, handicap committee, tournament committee and course starters to simultaneously login and work on their own authorized sections. Whether you have a few hundred members or a few thousand members, you can manage all important activities of your club with ease.

  • Fully Hosted Service - hosted and rendered from high quality & secure servers residing in a world class data center in the USA.
  • Submit your daily scores online and as you play. Physical scorecards can co-exist for those members who do not submit their scores online.
  • Auto generate monthly handicaps of members as per USGA or WHS or your own handicap computation method. Flexibility to specify number of scorecards to consider and also assign weightage to tournament scorecards.
  • Manage all single and multi-round tournaments in stroke play or stableford formats. Complete tournament can be managed starting from tournament invite, online registration, defining multiple competition categories, draw creation, score card entry, and auto generation of results under all competition categories.

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