Golf Club system

Golf Club Management System

Designed for Golf Clubs who are operating one or more number of golf courses

Are You ...

Operating a Golf Club with hundreds of registered members?
Finding it hard to keep track of member scorecards & their handicaps?
Using manual methods to manage your golf tournaments - invitees, draws, score cards, results, etc.?
Spending hours in arriving at tournament results & still worried about the accuracy?
Booking tee time using offline methods such as phone calls and physical booking register?

Our Golf Club management system addresses all of the above concerns and provides you with a fully automated system making it easy for you to manage the day-to-day activities of your golf club.

Includes a fully integrated responsive web app which can be accessed from any device - smart phone, i-pad, laptop or desktop.

How our Golf Club management system helps?

The important activities of any golf club are - booking tee time, recording daily scorecards, computing handicaps & organizing tournaments. Our Golf Club Management System is a multi-user software system that allows involved entities such as course administrator, handicap committee, tournament committee and course starters to simultaneously login and work on their own authorized sections. Whether you have a few hundred members or a few thousand members, you can manage all important activities of your club with ease.

Fully Hosted Service - hosted and rendered from high quality & secure servers residing in a world class data center in the USA. Can be hosted on AWS Cloud if client so requires.
Submit your daily scores online and as you play. Physical scorecards can co-exist for those members who do not submit their scores online.
Auto generate monthly handicaps of members as per USGA handicap computation method. Flexibility to specify number of scorecards to consider and also assign weightage to tournament scorecards.
Manage all single round tournaments in stroke play or stableford formats. Complete tournament can be managed starting from tournament invite, online registration, conducting multiple competion categories, draw creation, score card submission, and auto generation of results under all competition categories.


Online Tee Booking

Automated tee booking by golfers without need to contact course starter
  • Golfers can book tee online. System takes care to ensure that a golfer is not double-booked on same day.
  • Course starter has the facility to double book, in case a Golfer wishes to play twice during a day.
  • Golfer who booked a tee time can also cancel it.
  • Restrictions can be imposed to force tee booking only if there is at least 3 ball during weekend
  • Tee Booking Compliance checker - generates a report of tee booked vs scorecard submitted thus ensuring that members do submit scorecard for all games played.

Online Scorecard Submission

Online Scorecard submission by golfers after playing daily round of golf.
  • Facility for starters to also directly enter physically submitted scorecards
  • Facility to also accept tournament scores online
  • Scorecard verification tools to review player scorecards viz-a-viz handicap

Member Handicap Management

Auto generate monthly handicaps of club members with the click of a button.
  • In-built Handicap Calculator based on USGA formulae
  • Suitably modified as per local calculation methods adopted
  • Specify number of scorecards to choose
  • Specify higher weightage for tournament scorecards

Tournament Management

Manage all one day tournaments on stroke play or stableford basis
  • Allows creation of multiple competition categories. Golfers can register for a competition category based on their handicap and/or age bracket.
  • Facility to take in guests/invitees into a tournament.
  • Facility for a golfer to login at website and submit their acceptance to play an upcoming tournament within a specified date period.
  • Facility to quickly create draws in either gunshot format or staggered tee off format.
  • Separate interface to allow quick entry of tournament scorecards.
  • Instant generation of results against all defined competition categories.

Mass Communication

Mass mailing system to enable quick communication with Golfers
  • Send emails to all golfers or a select list of golfers based on filter criteria
  • Create multiple dynamic recipient lists
  • Quickly email draws & other tournament related info to participating/registered golfers
  • Mails can include attachments and embedded images

Fully integrated website

Your club website is an integral part of the Golf club management system enabling you to manage everything from a single backend.
  • Complete Website CMS to manage an integrated website for the club
  • Post all relevant club related info
  • Golf Course overview & hole wise data
  • Bulletin Board, Photo Gallery, Annual Golf Calendar
  • Members section - publish member handicaps, tournament results, awards lists, etc.
  • Facility to create pages which are accessible only to Golfers when they login

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