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Establish your presence on the web. Get a website that fetches business, and reach out to the hugely untapped market on the Internet. If you do not have a proper website or have a website that hardly anyone visits, you are missing a huge business opportunity that the web world offers. It is time to consider a complete revamp of your website. You certainly deserve to take advantage of and capitalize on the large national and global market and gain new customers through your website.

We build your website to exactly fit your requirements and budget and to enable you to make a sales pitch and grab the interest of potential customers.

  • Custom-built website with full content control.
  • Responsive website well compatible with mobile, tablet & desktop.
  • Website is PWA enabled and works like an App. Can be installed on Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows or any other smart phone.
  • Effective showcasing of your products & services through easy to manage catalogue pages.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Choice to host on shared, semi-dedicated, dedicated server or cloud.
  • Many other useful features.

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Benefits of getting your website built & managed by us

You get a well presented and easy to navigate website

Your website is perceived as another office that is accessible to a much larger number of visitors than what would be actually visiting your brick-and-mortar office. Hence, it requires to be given due importance. A website that presents information and products in a well organized manner immediately forms a positive impression. Added to this, our smart navigation & search mechanism enables your website visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. Our well laid out website design persuades visitors to stay on and spend time to know about your company and products.

Quickly makes your website visible and drives traffic

Your website is no good if no one can find it. We implement all the required tools and techniques and work towards ensuring that your website is quickly indexed with search engines and finds a decent place in search results. When we build your website, you get the advantage of our SEO expertise which has been attained over years of extensive research and experience.

Your website is mobile and tablet friendly

Our website architecture is based on a responsive design making use of modern Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. The architecture ensures that your website is rendered according to the user device. Thus your website will automatically adapt to provide the best display in mobile and tablet devices as well.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

When you get your website built by us, it is automatically rendered as an app when a visitor opens the website from his smartphone. Your website will prompt the visitor to install it on their phone where it gets installed as an app. Thus you do not need to spend money in getting apps built separately for android, iOS and windows phones.

Your products are showcased effectively

It is very important to display your products on your website in a well-organized easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate fashion. Our intelligent catalogue builder enables you to showcase your products well organized in a hierarchy of categories and sub-categories. All catalogue products are auto-linked to your enquiry form.

Gets your customers more closely connected to you & your organization

Our photo gallery builder helps you achieve this. A photo gallery is very useful as it gives you an opportunity to connect more effectively with your prospective customers and establish credibility by actually letting them see your brick-and-mortar business. You can display photos of your offices and work force, show your manufacturing facilities, research & testing facilities, etc. You can also periodically post photos of various events organized by your company such as road shows, product launches, seminars etc. All this helps establish a connect and build the initial trust, giving the visitors the comfort that they are dealing with a company that indeed exists in a proper form.

Further, if you opt for our CRM solution, you get a complete customer management system with in-built CRM allowing you to engage your customers more actively with blogs, articles, newsletters, greetings, etc.

Gives control of content in your hands

A website that contains accurate and updated information pertaining to your products and services is more effective with your customers. We have kept this in mind and our website solution allows you to instantly modify and add new information. The control of content is in your hands, giving you the flexibility to update content as and when you need to. Yet, it is not some standard website builder - it is a website custom built especially for you.

Hosted on a secure & robust platform

Our website solution is a hosted solution. Hosting is included in the plan. Additionally, you will require to purchase a domain name (if you do not already own one), and a business email service. These can be purchased from our web services portal at

Your website is hosted on one of our special servers especially setup to host only websites developed by us. The server is well equipped with necessary software and hardware to provide a robust and secure platform for your website. Software running on our server are tightly integrated with the website application to provide a secure and efficient environment.

Even though the website pages are application and database driven, superior caching technology is implemented to ensure faster page downloads.

Benefit of timely upgrades on website features & facilities

Once you have got your website built by us, all your worries of technology changes and system level upgrades will be over. You only focus on timely updating your website content and we take care of everything else - timely upgrading the core software systems to incorporate changes in web technology, incorporating changes to protect from new security threats, etc. We also keep adding newer features and improving upon existing features to keep pace with the fast changing web world. All such upgrades and new feature additions are already built into our pricing system and you do not need to pay anything extra.

If you would like us to even manage your website content, we can provide you such a service at a nominal annual charge.

Benefit of our quick and friendly support

We build the initial website for you and hand over the control of content management to you so that you can update your content from time to time. Detailed help is provided in the backend admin system to enable you to carry out updates and new page additions with ease. However, should you face any difficulty at any stage, we are there for you. Just shoot out an email to our support team or call us, and we will help you and guide you in the process. We are always available for you to make sure that you are able to use our website system effectively to your advantage. We firmly believe that our success is entirely dependent upon the success of your website. So, you are assured of the best support in the industry.

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